Wednesday, 12 February 2014

REVIEW | Una Brennan's Vitamin C+ Eye Cream*

Eye creams are always something that I include in my skincare routine and for over two months (day and night) I've been trying out this Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Brightening Dark Circles Eye Cream* which claims to target dark circles, hydrate the under eye area and even out any lines or puffiness. Now that is alot of claims to live up to and seeing as I loved the vitamin C moisturiser (from the same range) I had high hopes for this eye cream.
Frankly, I haven't noticed much difference in terms of the dark circles disappearing or it becoming less apparent which is quite disappointing and I have even read a few reviews about this product and how well it works on others. That aside I do like how it hydrated my whole eye area and how any fine lines were literally as good as gone, this cream also was a big help in terms of reducing any puffiness. Since this hydrates the eye area well this sure does a great job at priming prior to applying concealer.
The cream itself is light and non greasy which enables it to easily cover the whole eye area, it does not feel heavy or uncomfortable and I do commend the absorbing properties of this since it makes make-up applications a doddle, no more waiting around with this cream! 
In conclusion I am very half and half with this, I hate that it doesn't make my dark circles disappear but I do like that my fine lines, puffiness and essential hydration is taken care of.
This is a very affordable eye cream, I would recommend it but not for it's intended purpose. If your lucky enough to have lighter/less apparent dark circles then this may work for you better.
Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Brighten Dark Circles Eye Cream, £12.99* is available from Boots

What's your favourite eye cream?


  1. I'm sorry to hear that it doesn't work. :( I still haven't found one that doesn't irritate my eyes.

  2. @A Delicate Rosie Beauty ^^ it's ok! I guess that the beauty of trial and error.


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