Friday, 11 July 2014

MINI HAUL | Skincare Picks From Superdrug ♥

Simple Eye Roll On £4.99 | Superdrug Face Masks £1 Each

You know when you enter a store just to browse but then you end up picking up a few bits? Well this happened recently whilst 'browsing' in Superdrug and I wanted to share with you all some possible star buys.

Thanks to late nights/feeling hot at night/sleepless nights I had developed even more visible eye bags and darkness around my eyes so I needed a quick fix. I read a couple of reviews about the Simple eye roll on and it seemed promising so I quickly popped this into my basket without having any doubts.

Lastly I picked up these masks since they were on offer, There's always time for pamper time in my books and I like to keep a couple stocked for whenever I feel the need to relax or if my face needs a bit of TLC. These tropical scented masks seemed perfect, though I was tempted to pick up the chocolate ones at first.

I will be reviewing each item in depth later on so expect some skincare reviews soon! 

What do you end up 'picking up' whilst browsing drugstores?

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  1. i LOVE your blog. It's so nice! I've been looking for the right facemask everywhere xx
    Would you like to follow me back? :)x

  2. @snowwhitemeetstherealworld aww thanks! :) sure, i'll pop over to take a peek now! x


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