Saturday, 26 July 2014

Non-Beauty Wishlist ♡

non beauty wishlist

Stationery | Erasers
These are insanely cute! Though it looks like marshmallows, it is actually a pair of erasers! Mindblown! I absolutely adore stationery items like this and i really see myself buying a huge haul from them but the only problem is that the stock runs out so quickly so you have to be quick whilst adding things to your shopping basket. 
£1.50 -

Office & Stationery | Clifton Rose A6 Diary
You can never have too many cutely designed diaries/notebooks and I really love cath kidston prints. I have to search for places that sell them a bit cheaper, if you know of any places that sell cute stationery then do comment below!
£12 -

Wholesale Ping Long Sleeve Round Neck Women Knitting Sweater One Size.
I also adore asian clothing and this baggy jumper from efoxcity is perfect for loungey days and i love the colours used, very kawaii indeed.
£7.04 -

Scented Gel Ink Pens
I miss these terribly, I found these online but it is so pricey! Who remembers collecting gel pens in school and trading them with your friends? Ahh the 90s... feeling a bit nostalgic over here! Another thing I need to find but a bit cheaper. I loved the uni ball brand for scented gel pens.
£15 -

Cookie Card |Personalised Butterfly
These look so scrummy and it's nice that you can easily buy and order iced biscuits online to have them ordered to your home. These ones by custom cookie look so pretty and I can see myself just casually scoffing a huge amount with some tea... 
£10.50 -

What's on your non-beauty wishlist?


  1. I agree, those erasers look adorable! I love the pattern on the notebook too c:

    ~Becca // :)

  2. Those erasers are so cool! I love marshmallows and they look just like them! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  3. I love the stationery. I've previously been on and their stuff really is seriously cute!

  4. I remember when gel pens were the seen as the coolest thing ever and if you had scented ones you were better than everyone else :P

    Ayesha xxx


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