Monday, 4 August 2014

REVIEW | Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara*

I love swapping and changing my mascaras all the time - it's one of my beauty must haves! And when I was given the chance to review this NEW* offering from Bourjois I simply could not resist!
Product Description:

Bourjois’ NEW Volume 1 Seconde mascara has a unique brush with spherical bristles to wrap every lash in a 360° motion and straight bristles to create clump free definition. Apply in a zigzag motion to your top and bottom lashes for an instant eye-opening look.
I'll have to admit, this is my first ever try at a Bourjois mascara so I really had no expectations towards this product. First off I would like to commend the packaging of this mascara, it's so eye-catching with the chrome bottle finished off with a pop of 'sorbet' shade to really give that feeling of summer. 
There are two types that are available to buy - intense black and intense black waterproof and both of these features a unique brush which has wrap around spherical bristles which means no more clumps! and easy to achieve volume from every angle possible.
I absolutely heart this unique brush simply because I am able to achieve voluminous lashes within moments and without any clumpage. I have also found that my lashes are not stiff to touch, there is still movement and flexibility which I love!
With this mascara you are assured that lashes are coated evenly with the perfect hold, my lashes tend to droop downwards unless I have used a eyelash curler beforehand but I really did not need to use a curler with this, I was shocked really because this may be the 'push up bra' I needed and not to mention it requires less effort since you can skip the curling your lashes part.
The longevity is also commendable, I did not see any flaking or smudging just excellent hold and the ability to last a whole day. Bourjois claims that this mascara can hold upto 16 hours and I can see why! Though I kept mine on for less than 12 hours, probably 9-10 I can see that it can go up to the 16 hour mark. It stayed on like a dream but you must be wondering if taking it off was a pain, It really wasn't.
Using my usual eye make up remover, I was able to remove each and every trace of the formula from my lashes and well, Let's just say this mascara did NOT disappoint at all.
Overall I loved and enjoyed using this mascara, It was super easy to apply and with minimal time and effort you are left with big fluttery lashes that am sure will get everyone noticing.
Check it out here - link/£9.99*

Have you tried this mascara? What were your thoughts?
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  1. I LOVE this mascara as well, so impressed with the long wear and the volume it adds :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Every post I have read is a rave of this mascara, I do like the wand, so I might be tempted to try it x

  3. I'm trying this one!

    Check out my new post:

  4. Really want to try this. Sounds a little like my Max Factor one I am using at the moment that I have rediscovered.

    Amy at Amy & More

  5. I've heard amazing things about this mascara, i must check it out!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  6. the mascara sounds great! i've never tried it before... i'd have love to see a before & after pic:))

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11


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