Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Primark Accessories Haul

Primark have really upped their game in the accessories department and I have always found myself perusing through the jewellery sections for hours on end, I simply love the range much more since it looks alot more expensive than it really is. 

Products featured:
Pack of 4 midi gold rings, sized M - £1.50
PS Beauty, french manicure nails - £1
Pack of 3 silver delicate chained bracelets - £1.50
Pack of 6 'jewel toned' studs - £1.50
A pink bow headband - £1.50
A small grey purse with rose gold detailing - £3.50
Altogether worth only - £10.50!

I am really into wearing rings at the moment and particularly the midi style ring, I saw these cute gold ones and instantly picked it up. For the price, the rings look and feel so sturdy and the assortment of designs are great for mixing and matching looks. My favourite one out of the designs is the heart shaped one which has little diamantes on it. You really cannot go wrong with the price and the fact that there are 4 rings makes it a bargain of the day. 
If you know me well, you will know that I heart minimalistic jewellery which means delicate chains and simple studs, so when I saw the pack of three silver chained bracelets with small charms. My face looked like that emoji with the heart shaped eyes. It is such a lovely lil set that you can wear alone or paired with other bracelets, almost like an arm candy party on your wrist. 
You can always trust Primark to have beautiful stud earrings especially the ones that come with alot of colours and designs and I picked up the pack of 6 simply because I loved the colour scheme, it is so autumnal and looked 'ethnic' which I adore.
I have heard alot about Primark's false nails and I have heard good things so I wanted to try out the french manicure style to start off with, I like how these look so real and the fact that they aren't too long is great because I never liked having really long nails which can look claw like (yikes) 
The last two must have items that I needed was the cute pink bow headband which I thought would be great for lounging in and great for when applying make-up or face masks since my hair always gets in the way and lastly this cute mini grey bag is great for running errands and sometimes I only just need my phone and wallet. I know I am going to get a good use out of all of the things that I chose and before you know it I will be posting yet another haul because Primark is just that addictive...

So that's everything! I hope you enjoyed having a little nosey. Have you been loving the accessories section at primark?


  1. Primark accessories are the best! I love the earrings, they're so pretty! x

    Maddie // itsthatplacecalledhere.blogspot.co.uk

  2. That headband looks so cute. I need to take a little trip into Primark soon. Xx


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