Thursday, 27 November 2014

Accessories And Body Piercing Jewellery From Crazy Factory* Review

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Today's post is all about accessories and body piercing jewellery, The lovely team over at Crazy Factory sponsored me with crazy cash points (which I will explain in a bit) so that I could review some of their jewellery pieces just for you all!
Crazy Factory specialise in high grade body piercing jewellery at prices everyone can afford, their products are shipped to a customer base of over 1.6 million worldwide (pretty impressive!) and what is unique about Crazy Factory is that the items are shipped directly to the customers from the manufacturing plant which means there are no wholesalers and distributors involved AND they choose not to sell in shops so everything is sold exclusively on their website. Their shipping team inspects the material, machining and functionality of all the products and checks every single shipment for completeness and ensures a swift delivery to all customers.
Now onto the crazy cash points scheme, basically it is their own special rewards program which allows you to save money every time you order, ten points is worth 10 cent so every time you shop, five percent of the value will be credited to your account which you can then redeem and put towards your next order. Not only that. Orders over €20 or more, shipping is free!

I was kindly given 2000 Crazy Cash Points which was worth € 20! I was allowed to freely browse the site and choose what I fancied. Seeing as my nose is pierced it would seem appropriate to order a whole lot of new and colourful nose studs as well as a nose ring which I have been meaning to buy and try to see if it suits me. I also came across the fashion jewellery section and saw a huge collection of beads! and let's just say my face looked like the hearted shaped eyes emoji because I have always wanted to buy Pandora charms but I cannot justify paying out alot just for one charm so there I was carefully selecting away charms that I gave a meaning to and I was very happy with what I selected.

Now onto the review... I'll start off by talking about the nose studs. I chose a variety of studs that were either surgical steel or acryl. When I received the studs I was amazed at how the coloured gems were so vibrant and I couldn't wait to try them all on so that I could decide what to wear first. One type of the nose studs that I ordered was a thinner surgical steel version and I believe only costed 44p but I found that two of studs had lost it's gem after a few days which was quite disappointing, it felt as if the gems were stuck on and did not have a proper hold. I then changed my nose stud to the more sturdier looking one which had a bit more thickness and the gem was 'encased' within the design and so this one was a whole lot better and alot cheaper! Though it was 20p I felt that these ones were made of better quality. I am scared to even wear the rest of the thinner nose studs simply because I do not want to lose any more of the beautifully coloured gems, I really love the purple one! 
Lastly I am loving all of the pandora style bead charms, it is made with so much care and the detailing is just fabulous, I am just shocked at how each one is priced because the quality really surpasses it and I love how beautiful my bracelet looked after adding all of the bead charms onto the bracelet. Each charm feels and looks sturdy and I cannot wait to add even more charms. My personal favourite bead is the stunning pink and yellow jewelled one, it definitely is unique!

Overall I am pleased with my selection of jewellery items from Crazy Factory though being disappointed with a few of the nose studs, I now know what to avoid if I was to order again. For the price, the quality is amazing! If you are in need of new fashion/piercing jewellery then really do check them out!

What do you think of my jewellery picks?


  1. I really like the bracelet! Thanks for sending me your link through the #bbloggers tag on Twitter ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  2. this is really cute, I want it!


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