Friday, 21 November 2014

October Kawaii Box* Review

Hi lovelies! Hope you all are well!
Are you ready to discover the most CUTEST subscription box, like ever?!
I present to you - the Kawaii box
I have always been a huge fan of Japanese culture and the cute stationery/accessories that comes with it and whilst browsing the site, I saw the bloggers section and saw that you can apply to be a 'blogger of the month' and if you are picked the guys at kawaii box will send the latest month's box for you to review and share with your readers. I really had no idea that I would get picked so I was naturally really thrilled about the opportunity ^^

So Kawaii Box, is a subscription box program where each month you receive 10-12 cute Kawaii items. The charge is $18.90 for each box which may seem a bit much but if you add up the value of each box, it can reach double the price but rest assured the items are all original and from Korea/Japan so it is actually worth it. 
I loved how my package came with a hand drawn cat. It's the little things.

Excited to see the items inside? here they are!

There were 11 cute Japanese and Korean Kawaii products included in the October’s Kawaii Box! Very pink and oh so cute!

A list of what was included: Rilakkuma squishy charm, Hello Kitty ink pen, Nemuneko mini plush, Kawaii towel, Puccho chewy candy, Neko pencil sharpener, Jewellery Seal deco stickers, Cute animal card & envelope, Soft 3D cupcake stickers, Pastel candy hair bands and a Pink bunny pouch.

I have to admit I actually loved all of the items that were included, but if I had to choose a particular item than I would say that the hello kitty pen is my most favourite item, I just adore how the pen has cute lil charms attached. Definitely better than the average biro pen. The hair ties are super cute and I cannot wait to wear these! The squishy and plush keyrings are perfect for adding cuteness to my filofax, I have already attached the Rilakkuma one and I now get why squishies are addictive! A future hobby in collecting them perhaps? The brightly coloured face towel is a great addition to the box because it is such a practical item and it sure will brighten up my bathroom. The candies were delicious and I have to say that I would prefer Japanese candies over UK sweets any day! Such a unique flavour, may have to look these up online for other delicious flavours. The neko sharpener is mega cute and is happily sitting on my desk. I am always collecting make-up bags so the bunny pouch is such an ideal thing for me, so in goes my daily make-up items! You can also use it as a pencil case or you can store smaller items in there too. The jewellery stickers and cupcake stickers are perfect again for my filofax, it sure makes note writing and to do lists much more colourful and cuter looking and lastly the animal card which I am saving for an occasion to gift to a friend.

I really loved the concept of the box, since it isn't a usual beauty box that is already known by many. I know that I will get a use out of all of the items because I heart stationery, my hair needed some new ties and I won't be able to resist the cutely packaged candy.

Check it out here and receive a box filled with 10-12 hand-picked Kawaii items directly to your home every month. If you love cute stationery, accessories and food items direct from Japan/Korea then I really suggest that you look into this, you won't be disappointed!

What do you think of the Kawaii box?

The October Kawaii Box was sent to me for review purposes*


  1. What a great box! So cute! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  2. I love all things kawaii, so I think everything in this box is awesome. It's all sooooo cute! x

  3. This is so cute! I would like to get one as a gift for my cousin


  4. Omg omg omg this is adorable!!! I love Japan and I love all this cutesy stuff!I am in love with this box I definitely gunna try and convience the hubby!Hahaha


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