Friday, 28 November 2014

REVIEW | Yankee Candle In Turquoise Sky

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It's a fact. Yankee candles are loved by many and what I love about Yankee Candles is the vast range of scents and amazingly thought of names to go with it. That's what happened here, I chose this particular scent because a) the name just caught my attention and b) look at the stunning shade of blue and the imagery to match the scent.
Calm, salty air with hints of sea grass and musk, float gently on ocean waves . . . off on an adventure beneath a bright blue sky.
This particular candle is small jar sized which I think is great for people like me who are still trying to find THE scent that you always go to. With this size you get a decent amount of burn time (25 - 40 hours) for the scent to fill your room and for you to decide if this is the scent you actually like.
If I had to describe Turquoise Sky then I would say that it is quite a musky scent, quite strong too so this one definitely doesn't take that long for the scent to fill up the room. Though the scent is majorly musky, it is also a bit refreshing too and it just sends me drifting away thinking about those long lost summer days.
It is strong enough that smaller rooms might actually be well-scented from simply leaving a large jar open. In my opinion, this is not bad but it might be overwhelming for some. If you are sensitive to strong smells but enjoy these kind of fragrances, I would recommend a medium jar or tumbler, which I have found to still be strong enough to give a pleasant but not a overwhelming scent to a big room.
Would I repurchase? Definitely no, simply because there is such a variety of scents that I really want to try, I love sweet/fruity scents too so I will definitely look into those next.
If you are looking for a fresh/musky scented candle then Turquoise Sky is the one for you!
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What's your favourite Yankee Candle scent?

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