Saturday, 14 February 2015

January Purrfectbox - Go To The Wild West

You know your're doing something right when your cat starts to receive her own mail.

I was recently contacted by the team at Purrfectbox asking if I (and my cat) would like to review a one-off January subscription box and of course I had to say yes, I am all for spoiling my cat and this seemed like another lovely opportunity to have a bonding session with her since it's all about the little things.
The Purrfect box (£19 inc delivery) is a monthly subscription box that you can receive every month, each month being a different theme and in each you get 5-6 top quality toys, treats, grooming tools, food and training products and what's good is that it's custom made just for your pet because you fill in both your pet's age, breed and fur type. You know that everything in the box will be used and nothing will go to waste which is great!

What's In the box?
1x Clean wipes from sanicat
1x Fish & horse toy
1x 100% Natural foods from scheshir (tin and pouch)
1x Scratching post from wasabycat
1x Kitty treats from zolux

There are options to suit all pet owners out there! You can either go ahead with a yearly subscription, go for a monthly subscription or even buy a one-off box if you want to just try it out and see if you want to commit.
Unboxing this with Shonu was truly fun from start to finish and opening it together was special.
This month's theme was the wild west and I could certainly see that since one of the items was a horse toy.
It was really hard to capture this madam whilst unboxing the contents. She is a huge fan of feathered toys and treats so she was chasing the fish feathered toy and was munching away on the treats. It was like seeing one hyper kitten again. I am actually so glad that this box contained a scratching post so that I can teach her to use that and not my carpet, cats ey?!
The box also contained a mini magazine called Purr notes and inside you can read about the box itself to a cute DIY tutorial, I quite enjoyed reading the 'signs that your cat is happy' article.
The amazing thing about Purrfect box is that they also contribute finance towards helping less fortunate animals by providing them with better and happier living conditions. Watch this short one minute clip here to see how Purrfect contribute to providing cats with better homes.
Love the look and sound of this box but have a dog? then you'll be happy to know that they also make the same subscription boxes for dogs called Pawsomebox which you can check out here
As a cat owner/lover I found this box to be not only fun but a great help too! Shonu certainly felt spoilt and was alot happier, a small price to pay for those lovely felines. I couldn't recommend this subscription box enough!

What do you think of the Purrfectbox?


  1. Awww your cat is so cute! I had one of the dog ones for my dog and she loved it - it's such a lovely idea xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely! I agree <3 anything to spoil our pets xx

  2. Aww this is such a cute idea!! Your cat is adorable, I think my cats would thoroughly enjoy this! It would be like Christmas for them!
    Sam xx

    1. Thank you! <3 haha yeah! They will love you even more!

  3. I've wanted to try this box for ages but my kitty cat Percy has a really sensitive tummy and they seem to include a lot of food samples. He can only eat Royal Canin Sensitivity Control (he's such a diva). I would like to be able to choose to receive only treats (he seems alright with them) and toys and other things, no actual proper food samples.

    1. Aww bless him! Hmm they do include 2-3 food samples so not too sure what you can do with those but the toys and treats sure are amazing and am sure he will love them! You could try a one off box perhaps? they change the contents in each box so you never know what you might get <3

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