Thursday, 5 March 2015

Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Face Mask

I love a good ol' pamper sesh and I always schedule time out from my busy schedule to indulge into my favourite pamper treats and one of my favourite brands to turn to is Montagne Jeunesse. You'll definitely find a selection of face masks in my drawer and this time I opted to try out the 'White Chocolate' and I was quite impressed! Read on to see why you need to add this to your shopping list!

Product description:
Deep cleanse your skin with our White Chocolate face masque as part of your regime for a radiant, glowing complexion. Smells so yum please don't be tempted to eat! Allow the Cocoa Butter, rich Cream and moisturising Jojoba to leave your skin deep cleansed & as smooth as the softest cream. Gluten free, dairy free and no added parabens.

This mask is a clay based one so it dries onto the skin, I'll be pleased to report that this does not feel uncomfortable in any way, some masks I have tried previously felt so heavy/hard on my skin and I don't exactly get on that well with clay versions but since this contained shea butter, it helped so much as it was more creamy in texture. Note to self: buy more masks that contain a mixture of clay and shea butter since it doesn't feel as harsh.
Moving onto the texture, this face mask is quite thick yet creamy so I was only able to use half of the packet to cover my whole face, it's a really good thing since you get two uses out of it and a tip for all you product keepers out there! Buy some mini plastic pots, which you can find in Boots or in a pound store and empty out the contents into that because atleast you'll know that the product won't dry out, I've kept face masks before just by clipping them but they never stayed fresh. 
Next up the scent! Now fortunately this did not smell sickly sweet,it can be a challenge for brands to keep chocolate scents natural rather than being artificial and/or overly sweet but this one has the right amount of chocolately-scented goodness and the smell reminded me of a thorntons box of white chocolate truffles! A definite mature chocolate scent if that makes any sense.
Application was quick and easy, I kept it on for a good half an hour and whilst I waited I flicked through my ELLE magazine and started daydreaming about all those designer goods.
I removed the mask with a warm, damp flannel and it was so easy to remove! Hardly required any effort and my skin felt softer, smoother, fresh and radiant. It was such a lovely pick-me-up and since this mask worked so well, I added more chocolate masks onto my wishlist, I really want to try the chocolate orange self heating mask next! Pass the terry's chocolate orange! 
I cannot recommend these face masks enough! I bought this one at Primark for only 90p! Whilst at other retailers it is sold for a £1, seeing as you get two uses out of it, it would be rude not to pick these up!

Check it out here - link

Have you tried this face mask before?


  1. That looks like it would be such a good mask, the fact that there were delicious Thornton's chocolates in the picture definitely made me more hungry!!

    Haha, now I'm hungry to try this mask! Thanks for the review.

    Ree / Coffee with Ree

    1. Haha aww thanks! I thought it would match well with the mask hehe <3 xx

  2. These single-use masks used to be my obsession when I was a teenager! I love white chocolate and this seems like something I'd enjoy trying, especially since it has a thick and creamy texture and that's something that I love in face masks. ;)

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

    1. Sounds like this is perfect for you! <3 & it's not that type of mask that 'cracks' whilst drying and I hate those types <3 xx

  3. This is one of my favourite masks by MJ as I think they've gotten the scent spot on.
    If you read my blog you'll know I'm chocolate orange obsessed but their self heating choc orange mask didn't live up to my expectations. It's still nice but doesn't really smell edible (maybe that's a good thing?). To me it was more like cocoa powder mixed with orange essential oil.
    Regardless they are still my go to face mask brand and at 90p I can't really complain :)


    1. Aww ohno! I had my heart set on buying that one next lol, high five to that, for the price you really can't and I always turn to this brand for pamper seshs xx

  4. Sounds good enough to eat!

    Amy PetiteView

    1. I love chocolate scented anything and it was such a good idea to save some truffles just incase I crave chocolate haha ^^ xx


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