Monday, 31 August 2015

Harajuku Lovers Perfume in 'Baby'

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Harajuku Lovers Perfume in 'Baby'*

Few years back I remember finding some cutely designed perfume bottles and they were the Harajuku Lovers perfumes by Gwen Stefani. I particularly remember loving two scents, 'Baby' and 'G' and it was until Debenhams Beauty, asked if I would like to review a perfume from a vast selection. Since I heart the Kawaii scene and saw that the perfume had a relaunch, I knew I wanted had to try out a Harajuku Lovers perfume but the only hard bit was when I had to pick a scent.

Product description:
Soft and comforting, this sophisticated powdery fragrance features a baby soft musk accord which blends with delicate florals and nuzzly vanilla.

If you remember a few years back, the bottles were alot more colourful and to be honest, I still prefer the old designs to the newer versions. All five bottles have a chrome look and each one is a different colour. It sure does catch the eye but the dolls appeared to be alot cuter before since you could see their facial features.
Now onto the scent! I still remember the old Baby scent and it was very baby powdery/slightly musky and I adored it so I was excited to see how the new one would be. I am pleased to say that I also think this scent is actually quite pleasant. The scent is alot more grown up than the previous one and I can detect notes of vanilla along with the main scent of baby powder mixed in with musk. This makes a lovely choice to wear as a day scent and coupled with this, makes a great lil addition to any perfume lover's collection. Not forgetting to mention how cute it looks on my dresser! I even carry just the bottle part around in my bag, not bad for a relaunch but I wish the original design was kept the same.

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What do you think of the perfume relaunch?


      1. I never really liked the perfumes originally but it sounds like they've updated the scents so I'd actually be interested in trying them out now!

        Beka. xo

        1. I think the scents/designs were aimed at the younger generation (but I thought it was so cute) I partially agree with you, now that the scents seem more grown up, alot of the older generation can actually wear it now <3 xx

      2. So glad this has been relaunched! I was one of those who loved these at the time so it feels a little nostalgic to me that they're being relaunched. I'll definitely have to have a sniff! Zoe xx

        1. Ahh snap! I was wondering where the perfumes had gone but glad to see it back <3 xx


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