Tuesday, 4 August 2015

July Favourites

This month features:
Magnitone Lucid*
L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
MUA Lipstick in Shade 4 
Gold Dino Ring Holder
Harajuku Angels Perfume in 'Baby'*

Welcome to another super early monthly favourites, I have been so MIA on the blogging front but there are alot of new and upcoming beauty and lifestyle posts comin' your way, so do not fret!
Now onto what I have been lovin' throughout the month of July!

First up, a new skincare gadget called Magnitone Lucid. This has honestly taken my skincare routine to the next level, I will of course, be writing up a more indepth review later on but for now I will summerise how it has improved my skin. I use this with my favourite facial cleanser and together it becomes one powerful tool that cleans my face more effectively leaving my skin looking more radiant, cleansed and even more smoother. I use it daily, when taking off my make-up. It makes me look forward to prepping my skin for bed time. An absolute winner!

Next up, an old favourite! Being obsessed with the whole kawaii culture of Japan. The Miss Manga Mascara from L'Oreal has been rehomed into my daily make-up bag. I don't even know why I stopped using it?! This instantly separates and lengthens my lashes beautifully giving me that wide-eyed cute kawaii look which I'm lovin' at the moment!

A pink lipstick is next and it's from the MUA range, This barbie-pink lippie is great for easy on the go applications. I always rotate my lip colours/brands depending on my mood and since I have been sporting a pink lip and cheek combo lately, this is one of the lipsticks that I currently reach out to. At only a pound you are getting high shine, colour and moisturisation! Can't complain really.

I have been getting my DIY on lately and I always look on Pinterest for inspiration. It was until I found a tutorial by the lovely Jenni over at ISpyDIY of a dino ring holder, I knew I had to have a go too because it looked too darn cute! For a step by step tutorial click here if you're interested because it makes holding your rings alot more fun with added functionality and decor for your room.

Lastly a super cute perfume! If you remember the Harajuku Lovers perfume being released a few years back, you'll be pleased to know that the collection has been relaunched and with a new look! I still prefer the old packaging but nevertheless I still love the scents. I was sent 'Baby' and it still smells similar to the older version but a bit more grown up. I am yet to write a full review on it because I'm so happy to see these back in town again also not forgetting to mention how lovely it looks on my dresser!

So there you have it! My favourites of the month! What have you been lovin' in the month of July?


  1. That lipstick is a gorgeous colour! I always find that MUA ones aren't very pigmented though, but I haven't bought one in quite a while so hopefully they're better now (also at that price you can't really complain haha) :) x

    1. It's such a barbie pink <3 For the price you really can't, I love the buildable sheer colour of this one! xx

  2. I LOVE my magnitone brush! It's fabulous!

    Stephanie xxx

    1. High five to that! It makes any skincare routine fun! xx

  3. Ooh I really want to try that mascara! I'll have to pick it up next time I'm in town!

    1. You'll <3 it! I adore the packaging too! xx

  4. The Miss Manga Mascara is one of my favourites! Great post xo


  5. Oh my goodness I remember the Harajuku Lovers perfumes from the first time around, after Gwen Stefani had them all in her music vids! I love the bottles - will have to check out the relaunched versions! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    1. I personally prefer the original bottles but this one looks so much more futuristic and kawaii <3 Definitely do check em out! xx


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