Monday, 28 September 2015

Miss Patisserie Daisy Chain Bath Ball

When a lil package arrived on my doorstep from Miss Patisserie, I could not contain any excitement because I knew it contained some newer releases (you can view the unboxing here) This particular bath bomb caught my attention the most, I mean, look at how pretty it is?! I Just had to use this for my pamper session first and the results were pretty darn good!

Product description:
Our Bath Balls are tightly packed with ingredients that will cleanse and improve skin tone as well as providing an explosion of fizz in the bath. These Bath Balls aren't just fun, they also contain a variety of essential oils and butters that will provide therapeutic benefits as well as moisturise the skin.
Each one is lovingly hand pressed and decorated here in Wales so a lot of love goes into these beauties!
Use one Bath Ball per bath or to savour your product for longer simply cut the ball into smaller portions before use.
Each ball is approximately 190g each.
What says summer more than daisies and white dahlias in bloom.
This product will create a pretty pastel lilac foam that will cocoon your skin in a velvety lather leaving you fresh as a daisy!

This pastel lilac bath bomb is any girl's dream, this bath bomb is huge so you are definitely getting your money's worth. You can even choose to cut this bath bomb into smaller pieces but I chose to use all of it because my skin needed some TLC.
This frothed and melted away slowly, leaving a trail of soft scented bubbles. I thought that this would fizz away quickly but I like how this lasted long, some bath bombs disappear too quickly but this one lets you enjoy the 'show' so you won't be left feeling disappointed. I loved the flecks of blue and pink in the bath water since it was unexpected.
The scent is very fresh, and very appropriately named too! Since it does smell like daisies. It was very uplifting and the scent wasn't too overpowering.
The bath water turned into a calming pastel purple colour and this gave my skin an instant moisture boost. This bath bomb contained essential oils and butters so you can imagine how soft and hydrated your skin will feel. I honestly skipped applying body lotion because it really was not needed.
Since there wasn't any dark colours in this bath bomb, there wasn't any need to clean the bath tub, FISTPUMP!
All in all, a great and simple bath bomb with amazing skin benefitting ingredients. A must try!

Check it out here

What do you think about this bath bomb? Would you give it a try?


  1. Wow, looks like it gives out a lot of foam - lovely. And I can totally imagine the smell! You're making me want a bath tub :D

  2. Ahhh it looks so beautiful - like a fairy bath! Do fairies have baths? xD Such a great review! xx

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