Monday, 5 October 2015

NEW Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks Review

From far left to right: 707 petal pink, 745 pink praline and 748 delicious pink.

Say HELLO to the newly revamped Joli Rouge Lipstick Range from Clarins!
Last month saw the launch of a huge 25 lip shades in gorgeous gold casing, the lipsticks are said to be lightweight, super-moisturising, long-lasting and nourishing and trust me this lip product means business! 

Product description:
Clarins' timeless lipstick goes for an ultra-feminine and modern tube: we're addicted to it's moisturising formula.
A rich and creamy formula that leaves the lips with intense colour and a delicate satin finish.
Enriched with organic Salicornia extract and mango oil, Joli Rouge intensely moisturises the lips for 6 hours and provides suppleness and comfort. 
The long-wearing colour stays on for 6 hours.

Packaging wise, The lipsticks look alot more luxurious, the previous packaging was silver and I definitely think that gold looks so much more better, The casing is oval shaped and feels weighty. The casing has also slimmed down and is finished off with a red base which tells you the shade name and number.

I remember loving the older version so I was excited to see what the upgraded version was like and I was no where near feeling disappointed. 
The actual bullet has such a beautiful curve at the top which makes applying this such a breeze! It really hugs the lips which means precision in application!
The formulation is on point too! It's so creamy and smooth that this could pass for a hybrid of a lipbalm/lipstick since it requires hardly any effort when applying.

The formulation contains organic Salicornia extract and Mango Oil which claims to highly moisturise the lips for upto 6 hours. Wearing this, honestly feels so lightweight on. I can definitely say that it provides comfort, just like a hug! It instantly makes my lips feel hydrated, soft and smooth. 

Coupled with an amazing formulation is a delicious red berry scent which I adore! I think make-up products should have scents since I think it really adds to the whole package.
I am able to get atleast 3 hours of wear time, since this lipstick is balm-like the wear time isn't as long as the claim but I still think it's pretty good for such a creamy formulation. The pigmentation is buildable which is great because you can either decide to wear a tint or go for full on colour, both looks are possible and it's great that way.

707 Petal Pink (far left swatched): A lovely nudey pink that screams class and sophistication. An easy to wear colour that looks great by adding just that pop of pink that can complete any make-up look.
745 Pink Praline(middle swatched): The perfect everyday nude, this is current go-to lip colour at the moment and I love how this is a no-fail shade since it can suit any skin tone.
748 Delicious Pink(far right swatched): The most pigmented of the bunch, this gorgeous medium toned pink instantly makes me look healthier, this pink adds vitality to both my lips and complexion, great choice for evenings out.

A lip product that ticks all of the boxes and a definite crowd-pleasing product! I'm obsessed with these lipsticks, you definitely need to try this out!

Check it out here - link/£19.50* each

What do you think of the NEW Joli Rouge Lipsticks?


  1. Super pretty colours! Will check them out :)

    Lotté |

    1. There's definitely a shade for everyone too! <3 Such a stunning lip product ^^ xx

  2. Petal pink needs to make its way into my collection ASAP! Really useful swatches too :)

    1. It's a beaut isn't it?! Aww thank you lovely <3 xx

  3. Oh wow, these look fab. I like how sheer they are as they give that effortless 'been sucking on an ice lolly' look which is beautiful during this time of year. Definitely heading to a Clarins counter soon. Great review.

    Sarah | <3

    1. Ahh yes! They actually do look like that, spot on! <3 Thank you so much, so sweet! <3 ^^

  4. These look so pretty! I love the colour. Great review!

    Kay xx

    1. And it's so hard to pick just one! <3 Thank you so much! ^^ xx

  5. Lovely colours - I'm after a nude lipstick too! I just bought a Charlotte Tilbury one and have now (unfortunately) convinced myself that paying a bit extra does help with the formulation, so one of these might just end up in my basket! x

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. Ooh <3 a bit of CT too! I do agree with you, I have found that paying that extra bit on top really means you're getting a quality product <3 I think you'll love these! xx

  6. Replies
    1. I absolutely LOVE these 3! But there are 25 in total & I think I need more! Haha ^^ <3


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