Monday, 2 May 2016

April Purrfect Box Review

You know your're doing something right when your cat starts to receive her own mail.

I was recently contacted by the team at Purrfectbox asking if I (and my cat) would like to review a one-off April subscription and of course I had to say yes, I am all for spoiling my cat and this seemed like another lovely opportunity to have a bonding session with her since it's all about the little things.
The Purrfect box (£19.90 inc delivery) is a monthly subscription box that you can receive every month, each month being a different theme and in each you get 5-6 top quality toys, treats, grooming tools, food and training products and what's good is that it's custom made just for your pet because you fill in both your pet's age, breed and fur type. You know that everything in the box will be used and nothing will go to waste which is great!

What's In the box?
Perfumed Dragonfly Toy
Jolly Moggy Bag of Catnip
Trixie Salmon Paste
Biospotix from Biogance
Sisal Ball
Spider Toy
Thrive Complete Meal Cans x2
Tuna Cubes Treats

There are options to suit all pet owners out there! You can either go ahead with a yearly subscription, go for a monthly subscription or even buy a one-off box if you want to just try it out and see if you want to commit.
Unboxing this with Shonu was so much fun and what's funny is that she kinda knew it was for her! I blame the catnip! Hahaha. It was definitely hard to capture her whilst she was rolling around in the contents and running around with the ball but these lil moments felt so special. 
My favourite items from this month's box was the cute polka dot dragonfly toy and the Biospotix which are flea treatment drops. Shonu, however seemed to prefer the food and toy items, oh and the catnip!
The amazing thing about Purrfect box is that they also contribute finance towards helping less fortunate animals by providing them with better and happier living conditions. Love the look and sound of this box but have a dog? then you'll be happy to know that they also make the same subscription boxes for dogs called Pawsomebox which you can check out here
As a cat owner/lover I found this box to be not only fun but a great help too! I know that everything will be used and well, eaten! The Biospotix has also assured me that my cat is flea-free and in good health! A star product from this month's box. Shonu certainly felt spoilt and was alot happier, a small price to pay for those lovely felines. I couldn't recommend this subscription box enough and lastly I have got a special £5 off discount code for you, simply type ukb28ozz whilst checking out and you'll be able to enjoy a box just like I my cat did!

What do you think of Purrfectbox?


  1. This is such a cute idea! Might have to try one for my cat too.

    Maddie //

    1. Too right! <3 The discount code is waiting for you! Hehehe <3

  2. OH MY GOODNESS those photos just made my heart melt! If my cats didn't live with my parents in Switzerland I would totally get one of these, just look at all those goodies! xx

    1. Aww hehe thanks lovely! Aww bless! I would be in cat heaven if I was a cat that got this box LOL <3 xx

  3. Arhhh this is such a lovely, cute idea, my cat would love this!

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

    1. It's so good because it's so personally catered to your cat too <3 xx


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