Saturday, 14 May 2016

Lush Ultraviolet Bubblebar Review

I LOVE Lush but I particularly love their limited edition products more and this is one of them. The Ultraviolet Bubble Bar.
This solid bath product truly is stunning and is very Insta-worthy. The colours really catches your attention and I really wish that this gets added to the permanent range.

Ultraviolet Bubble bar is crafted from a mixture of lovely ingredients such as Violet Leaf Absolute which is used to help improve skin condition. Rosewood Oil which is valued for it's uplifting properties. Ylang Ylang Oil which is beneficial to help stress and depression and lastly, Jasmine Absolute which is used to treat sensitive skin. This bubble bar really is packed with alot of skin-lovin' and mood boosting ingredients. The added lustre is a bonus because hello?! who wouldn't want to bathe in sparkly lilac water?!

This bubble bar is HUGE! I only needed to use a third, yup! That's how big this product really is. It's great because you can either decide if you want to use them in portions or just use it in one go for the ultimate bubble bath, ever.

The colour of my bath water was so mesmerising. The pastel purple colour and silver glitter definitely made me feel like a princess. If you are into glitter/pastel colours then this is definitely one to try. 
The scent? That's one of the the major things I liked about this because it really smelt like the parma violet sweets and since I love all things pic n mix, what could be better than a sweet scented bath product?!
The bubbles were oh-so soft and very moisturising to the skin. After the bath my skin was alot more softer and hydrated, I didn't even need to apply my daily moisturiser. 

This is such a winning product, it ticks all of the boxes for me. This bubble bar has that fun factor but is also packed full of skin benefiting ingredients. I honestly cannot find anything that I didn't like, actually the only thing is the fact that this is limited edition! I should of picked up more...

Have you tried the Ultraviolet Bubble bar?


  1. This looks so pretty and its good that it leaves skin feeling softer.
    I need to start buying more bath products by lush because their bathboms look amazing and so nice to use aswell. I am a huge fan of their shampoos that they offer~ Big shampoo is the my holy grail for voluminous hair :D

    Great review, Have a lovely day! ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

    1. I agree <3 their bathbombs are definitely one of my fave products. I have never tried any haircare though, sounds amazin' xx


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