Monday, 5 September 2016

Freedom House Of Glamdolls Palette in Exotica | Swatches and Review

When make-up comes in a easy to travel with palette then you know it's worth talking about. Freedom Makeup London have collaborated with the House of Glamdolls to bring you four palettes that can help you achieve different looks. This particular one is based around the idea of exotic destinations and tropical voyages to reveal your sultry beauty. Read on to see how I got on with this exciting release.

Product description:
The House of GlamDolls Exotica Doll Freedom palette is a beautiful palette inspired by exotic destinations and
tropical voyages to reveal your sultry beauty. Recreate our Exotica Doll chart look or reveal your creativity. #exoticadoll

The palette contains two powder blushers, four brow powders, a highlighter, four lipglosses and 12 eyeshadows. When you open the palette you can definitely see that the colours match the theme of an exotica doll. The packaging is very sturdy and not too big so it's easier to travel with. There is a huge mirror inside and all of the colours are labelled. There also was a detailed step by step leaflet inside with makeup looks you can follow.
You can really play around and be creative with this palette, from bright and vivid eye looks to smokey eyes with depth and shimmer.
The Eyeshadows: A varied palette, five matte shades and seven shimmery shades, great pigmentation and long wearing too! My star pick from the selection is Sensual, a gorgeous rose gold that screams for attention!
The Blushers: Scultpt, a muddy brown face powder, great for contouring and adding warmth to the face and mystery, a lovely coral blush that adds vitality to your cheeks. Both are easy to blend and has good pigmentation.
The Eyebrow powders and Highlighter: There are four eyebrow shades to choose from and it's great because there will atleast be one that matches, good pigmentation and wears well. The highlighter is buildable and oh so shimmery, lasts well and contains little specks of glitter, WIN!
The Lipglosses: Buildable sheer shades that have a glossy finish with a lil pop of colour, lips feel hydrated and moisturised.

I definitely recommend trying this or checking out the other three palettes from the range. Everything was decently pigmented, travel-friendly and easy to use since you have everything in front of you. My favourite palette from the range is the 'Vintage Doll' since the colours in this palette aren't really for me. So if you are into experimenting and if love colour then this is perfect for you!

Check it out here - link /£8.00*

Have you tried this palette?


  1. I've always avoided these palettes, never even seen inside them just for some reason always stayed away from them. Looks like it was a big mistake! I didn't realise just how much you get inside them, think I'll have to rethink my stance on them and pick at least one up! ;) That sultry shade is calling out to me!

    Alana x // A Rose For Epona

    1. Thanks for commenting Alana <3 ooh! Well, I'm so glad you have seen the inside of this palette because you really do get alot in these. I just love how practical this palette is, you wouldn't really need to carry around so much makeup if you prefer to take this around with you <3 xx

    2. Yeah it's fab especially for £8! I'll let you know when I pick one up, can see me getting a fair few looks out of it! xx

    3. Aww sure! <3 That's fab! I kinda need to pick up a vintage doll palette since those shades are more ME <3 xx

  2. I've never heard of this brand before, but it looks so good. So much for such a little price and the colours are so pretty! Will have to check it out. Lovely post xx

    1. It's definitely worth checking out <3 there are three other palettes too! So there's one to suit everyone's taste ^^ Thank you so much! xx

  3. I love the bright shades in this, so different!
    ♡ chantelle | chanbelle

    1. Yes <3 the shades are very fun and great if you are into experimenting xx


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