Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Pink Matte Lips

💗💗 Shade- 605 HD Obsession

Matte lips are quite the craze, I absolutely LOVE the matte lip trend and I always opt for nude/light pink shades. I decided to go for a more braver colour option - Hot pink.
So many companies have released their own versions of matte liquid lipsticks and Revlon was one brand that I had to try and I was quite impressed.

Product description:
Lightweight, high definition velvety matte color. Moisturizing, velvety feel. 100% wax-free, gel formula. Available in 16 high definition shades.

The packaging is quite sleek and this collection looks quite sophisticated. The lipstick tubes come housed in a wide and flat look which makes it stand out from the rest. Each gloss holds 5.9ml and has a sponge applicator. 

The formulation is incredible, I LOVE how this feels comfortable on the lips, I have found that some matte lip products feel so drying and uncomfortable but applying and wearing this is easy breezy.
I would describe the formulation as a hybrid of a lipbalm/lipstick although the finish isn't as matte, this does not take away from the formula. It still wears incredibly well. The initial application had a little shine but then it dries to a cream/semi matte finish. I love that this has a bit more moisture than other matte lip products, My lips even felt hydrated which is very rare with other matte lip products I have tried in the past.
I am able to get a great 5-6 hour wear without any feathering or cracking which is brilliant and not only that, the pigmentation is commendable! Such a vivid colour pay off that is true to the colour you initially see. I know I will be picking up more, especially the nude shades which is perfect for everyday wear.

Have you checked out these ultra HD matte lip products by Revlon?

Check it out here - link / £8.99


  1. Replies
    1. Will do lovely! That's a stunning shade too <3 xx

  2. I have been meaning to try these. It's good to know they're not as drying as some other brands, I'll be checking out some of these when I'm next in Boots.



    1. Ahh yes! I know I'll be picking up a nude shade <3 I'm sure you'll love it too! xx

  3. I still need to try these, they sound so amazing. I love this shade, I never think to wear pink anymore, but its so pretty xx
    Danielle Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

    1. You totally should wear pink again! There are so many shades to choose from too! <3

  4. Haven't tried the Revlon lip products, but that's such a pretty pink color! And I love how the packaging is very compact so it fits in every bag or small clutch!

    1. You must try these asap! There are so many colours to choose from too! <3 xx


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