Monday, 27 February 2017

Cute Lil Primark Haul

💗👀 Products featured:
PS...Liquid Liner £1
PS...Holographic Glitter Nail Polish £1.50
Assorted Pearl Stud Earrings £1
Pastel Pretty Make-Up Bag £3
TokiDoki Liquid Liner £1.50
Raspberry & Vanilla Mini Candle Jar £1
Wild Orchard & Honey Mini Candle Jar £1

It was that time again. I recently popped into Primark to pick up some basic bits and to basically buy more of those black leggings and black jeggings that are great for everyday wear. 
No doubt, my favourite department in Primark has always been the accessory and beauty sections and I think I walked away with some pretty good and cute products.

I spent quite a bit in the accessory section and all I could see was chokers everywhere! I didn't pick any up because I wasn't too sure if it would suit me but I definitely wanted to pick up some pearl earrings. For a mere pound you are getting six pairs of pearl studs! How could you go wrong? I'm currently wearing the biggest sized ones and i'm lovin' it!

From the home section I needed to stock up on some more candles since I love burning candles in like, every single room in the house. I saw these two and they smelt surprisingly lovely. The raspberry and vanilla candle is my favourite out of the two since it has quite a strong fruity smell and I'm excited to burn this in my living room. Cozy vibes only.

I had major heart eyes when I saw the pastel make-up bag and the holographic glitter nail polish, I just put both items straight into my basket. I was running low on liquid liner so I picked up two. One is from the Primark beauty range and the other is from a cute brand called TokiDoki. I have to admit the last one was an impulse buy because a) it was by the tills and b) how could you not resist the cute packaging. Though it was priced at £2.50, it rang up as £1.50 instead. *NOTE, should of picked up three*

So there you have it, what I picked up at Primark! What do you think of my cute lil buys?



  1. Those candles look lovely, especially the Raspberry and Vanilla one. x

    Jordan Alice

    1. I know right?! The colour of it is gorgeous too! xx <3

  2. The holographic nail polish is something that I would love to try & the candles look so cute! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. I am yet to experiment with it and I swear I could stare at it for hours lol <3 ^^ you're right, the candles are very cute indeed xx

  3. Lovely products.I love shopping at Primark

    1. Thanks lovely! <3 I don't blame you, I can be stuck in there for hours on end lol xx


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