Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Get Date Ready Nails With Renunail - 28 Day Challenge


An exciting post to share with you today because I took part in a challenge last month with Renunail*, a challenge to get my nails date ready for Valentine's day!
I suffered with brittle and short nails for a very long time and it would just not seem to grow and having tried many cuticle oils and nail treatments, I was close to giving up. Until I started using Renunail, it changed everything!

Product description:
The Renunail range has been expertly created to banish brittle nails helping them to grow healthily and rapidly. The award­winning range has three hero products that work to strengthen weak nails that are prone to chipping, flaking, breaking and slow growing.

I was kindly sent the nail care duo, a bottle of Dr Lewinn's Renunail nail strengthener (which comes in a generous 30ml size) and a bottle of nourishing oil and used together they mean business! It claims to harden and protect nails, eliminate peeling, flaking and chipping while promoting longer and healthier looking nails. Now this was a huge claim and boy was I excited to try it out!

Renunail was certainly different compared to other nail treatments I have tested out, you simply apply a coat everyday for seven days, remove on day seven and then repeat the process until you have completed four weeks. You can also use the nourishing oil daily by massaging it on your cuticles. The oil contains sweet almond oil and jojoba seed oil and the actual strengthener contains calcium to strengthen damaged nails and camphor to sooth sensitivity as the nail grows.

I definitely noticed a difference to my nails and I was so happy to see how strong and long my nails have become. The breaking and splitting has completely stopped and now I cannot stop looking at my nails because I've never seen it so long and I definitely will continue to use this because I know this actually works.I can finally try out some nail art and treat myself to that Chanel nail polish I've been wanting to try for so long. So if you have short nails that are brittle/always breaking or if you are a nail biter then I definitely recommend you try this as soon as!

Renunail is available at all Tesco beautyworld stores.

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