Friday, 25 August 2017

Rosie For Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Sticks* Review


This beauty review features:
Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Sticks in Almond Eyes* and Sparkle & Magic*.

What is it?
Velvety soft longwear eye shadow cream in stick form.

My thoughts
First off, just look at the gorgeous rose gold packaging! These eyeshadow sticks really remind me of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks and boy, do these mean business!

The eyeshadow sticks are so aesthetically pleasing and seeing as it's rose gold, it looks like every blogger's dream. It's very slim and is easy to travel with for on the go touch ups.

The two shades that I have are Almond Eyes*: pale gold/champagne with gold shimmer and Sparkle & Magic*: antique silver, very gunmetal-esque, hints of gold shimmers... My FAVOURITE out of the two.

The texture of these are truly commendable, it glides on so well and gives off an amazing colour pay off with long lasting results. What I really love about these eyeshadow sticks is that you can easily create a wash of colour over the lids with such minimal effort and you can also build up the colour to intensify your overall eye look.

It's crease-free which makes this so dreamy and the fact that it is also paraben free and gives a non tacky finish, easily makes this my favourite eye product. Sometimes with very creamy eye products, the longevity suffers but these last for a really long time without creasing, even on my oily eyelids.

Lastly the whole Rosie for Autograph collection is cruelty free, making this a collection that needs to be in every woman's make-up bag!

These retail for £12.50 each (a bargain considering they’re like high-end) and you can only buy them from Marks & Spencer, in store or online.

You can find the eyeshadow sticks here 

Have you tried these eyeshadow sticks?

Monday, 21 August 2017

Lipbalm Lovin'


Have I got a lip balm lovin' post to share with you today! I just had to share my views on the lipbalm that is inspired by the very popular game, Candy Crush and a Reese's lipbalm based on the actual chocolate confection!
I was lovingly sent two flavours to try out and I could not wait to share my thoughts with you.

I was sent Candy Crush Lemonade Lake* and Reese's*.

I am LOVING the packaging! The cute and quirky design definitely catches your eye and would definitely brighten up your make-up bag too!
These balms have got a creamy formula that glides so effortlessly across the lips, my lips got an instant hydration boost and they felt oh-so soft and moisturised.
Lemonade Lake has to be my favourite out of the two, since I love fruity flavours and the scent is spot on! The hubby decided to 'borrow' the Reese's lipbalm ^^ he's got a sweet tooth and we actually both were glad that it didn't have any colour pay off because I don't either of us could rock an orange lip haha! It did however give a lovely sweetly scented sheen to the lips
These lipbalms have certainly got a novelty factor and will definitely give your lips a sweetly scented glaze. It sits comfortably on the lips but don't expect it to heal chapped lips instead expect a quick fix of hydration with a subtle shine.
These lipbalms are perfect for when you're on the move and in need of a quick moisture fix. I currently have Lemonade Lake in my make-up bag and I love wearing it daily before applying my favourite lipstick.

What do you think of these cute lipbalms and which one would you choose?


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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sleek Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette* Review


Product review featuring:
Sleek Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette - £10.99*

What is it?
A luminescent highlighting palette that contains a range of five stunning shades in a mixture of cream and powder textures. This palette can also be used to illuminate your eyelids, lips and cheeks! Such a fun palette to experiment with!

My thoughts
Say hello to the most prettiest highlighting compact ever! The shiny silver compact certainly catches your attention and once you open up the compact you are greeted with five stunning unicorn-esque highlighters and a very good clear mirror too!
The compact contains both powder and cream formulations, allowing you to really play around with the different highlighters, so far I have used both the pink and gold powders and the light gold cream and I am loving all of those. I still have not really used the green and blue highlighters and I think those will look great on the eyes rather than the cheeks or lips. The blue may of come in a smaller amount but it has the most shine and glitz, sure was fun swatching all of these too.
I really do think Sleek have made a good quality palette that is easy to use and gives you that wow factor that will definitely make you look 'lit'

Overall I am really impressed by this palette and I think we all need to have this in our collection, if you get a chance, do swatch these if you happen to be at Superdrug so you can see how insanely stunning the highlighters look because my pictures certainly did not do any justice. The ultimate princessy highlighter!

Check it out here: link

Available to buy at here: link

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My Favourite Lip Duo From Essence Cosmetics



Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss in 'La Vie Est Belle'
Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 'Nude Love'

It's a fact. Essence Cosmetics are definitely one of my favourite brands when it comes to super quality products without breaking the bank and today's review is all about the latest two additions in my Essence lip collection. Read on to see me rave about these gems!

Lipstick Lovin'
I think I already own four or five other shades from this lipstick line and boy oh boy! Do they mean business! This is the perfect nude shade for easy everyday wear. It can suit any skintone and it wears so comfortably on the lips, giving you perfect shine everytime. It feels so moisturising on the lips and is very buildable. These particular lipsticks have a longer lasting power and can wear from up to 4-5 hours depending if you have eaten or if you have had something to drink. Now for some that may seem like a small amount of time but for the price you really cannot complain. I also like how you can see the colour of the lipstick shade by the band around the case so you can definitely collect these and arrange them in a lipstick holder.

Matte lips for life
I still LOVE the matte lip trend and it was the only lip product left to try from Essence. I am so glad I picked up this product and shade because it is amazing!! This beautiful milky pink shade looks so stunning on and it has the most creamiest mousse-like formulation ever! It doesn't even feel like you are wearing a matte lip product because some can feel very drying and uncomfortable. This wears for a good amount of time before it starts to leave a little pink tint on the lips. I can imagine how great the darker shades must be if this one is really good. If you love scented lip products then you'll love this one because it has this really yummy vanilla scent which I personally do not mind and it is not overpowering at all. A very pigmented lip product with extremely high coverage.

Essence Cosmetics are available both online and in store at Wilko and the best part? both lip products are only... wait for it... £2.30!!! 

Check out the lipstick here and lipgloss here

Have you tried Essence Cosmetics?

Friday, 4 August 2017

JewelCandle* Review in Candy Floss Earrings Edition

Check out this cool candle concept! Read on to see what I thought of the Jewel Candle!

What is it?
Jewel Candle is a 100% handmade candle that contains a jewellery surprise which they claim to be high-quality(Warranted 925 Silver Jewellery)and between the value of £10-£250. Each Earring candle is said to last around 45-60 hours before the jewel can be removed, while the larger candles lasts around the 90-125 hours mark. Jewel Candles come in four forms, Ring,Pendant,Bracelet and Earring candles. The Ring, Pendant and Bracelet candles are all large in size and Earring candles are slightly smaller. There is also a Jewel Bath where the jewellery surprise is hidden inside the bath bomb or bath cupcake! How cool is that?! The candles also come in a whole host of scents from Candy Floss to Blueberry Pancakes! The candle I received is in the scent Candy Floss.

The Candy Floss Jewel Candle retails at £19.95 and is available to purchase on the Jewel Candle website.

The candle comes in a big sturdy glass jar complete with lid. Now that my candle is fully burnt, I plan on reusing the jar to store either makeup brushes or some extra beauty bits, so handy!

My thoughts
When I first heard about Jewel Candle, I was amazed at the concept, I just love unique products like this and as soon as I got my candle, I started to burn it straight away but making sure I had a cuppa and some biccies ready too! The scent is sweet but not sickly sweet, it has a warm cozy like scent which smells lovely and makes you want to cozy up with some sweet treat and wear some super cute PJs. The scent lingers really well without being too over the top. The earrings were wrapped up in a foil package and was around the middle so I definitely knew it would take a while to reach it. I was getting so impatient because I really, really wanted to see the earrings. So many hours later I was able to use my tweezers and carefully pull out the little foil package and I was greeted with the cutest ever Fuschia pink studs with little diamonds on the sides of the design. I was so happy with what I got from the candle. My earrings also contained a sticker which had a unique code to find out the actual price of my prize. I went on the Jewel Candle website and entered in the code and the worth of these earrings was £25 which wasn't bad at all!

I personally love the whole idea and element of surprise of the candles. I do also think that the candles make a great gift idea. I was very happy with my stud earrings and I have already worn them so many times. I would definitely recommend Jewel Candle since there are so many delightful scents to choose from as well as different jewellery pieces to suit your liking.

Have you tried Jewel Candle?

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Quench your skin with the New L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water Moisturiser*

L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water Moisturiser*

What is it?
The first ever 'skin drink' moisturiser that locks in 72 hours of moisture for fresh, glowing skin! There are two types of moisturisers available: normal to dry and normal to combination.
This new moisturiser is inspired by Asian skincare and it contains aloe water and hyaluronic acid to deliver pure moisture and give that instant refreshed feeling without overloading the skin.

My thoughts
I had read so many reviews from people and bloggers and everyone sure is raving about this new skin care product,from the prettiest blue glass packaging to the the way this makes everyone's skin feel. It was all said. I really wanted to use this for a good time before reporting back and I need to say this, believe the hype people! This stuff is insanely good and I don't think I'll ever use anything else. This has a gel like formulation and as soon as I apply this, my skin gets this instant fresh feeling and my skin feels so hydrated. It is definitely a skin drink, crazy as it sounds but I actually do feel like my skin has drank in the goodness and I have also noticed a change in my complexion too. I was sceptical since it has a gel like consistency, I thought it was going to feel sticky or take a while to absorb into the skin but it really doesn't, it's more lightweight and a joy to use. The claim 'fresh as water, hydrating as a cream' does define this product and I couldn't think of anything better to describe this myself. Lastly the scent is to die for, it has this really amazing summer spa like scent that instantly reminds me of sunny days. I always apply this before starting on my make-up since this makes a really good base too!

Hats off L'Oreal! I really am super impressed by this moisturiser and I definitely recommend that you try it out as soon as!
You can buy it here - link and here - link /£9.99*

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts on it?