Thursday, 21 September 2017

Elegant Touch Express 3 Minute Manicure Review

There's just something about having your nails done. You feel pampered and your look is complete but having them done professionally can come with a hefty price tag. So when a cute selection of Elegant Touch 3 Minute Express Nails landed on my doorstep, I was over the moon.

So will these falsies save my nails and transform them within minutes? Read on to find out!

The Express Nails has to be my favourite range, since I am a huge fan of speedy beauty products. I was definitely impressed at the range of styles and colours to choose from so there is something for everyone. Each pack has 24 nails containing 10 different sizes of nail, as well as a nail file and a nail prep wipe. Simply choose which sizes you want to apply, then file and buff the nails as desired, use the nail wipe, and you're ready to apply your nails. Each nail is pre glued and has a protective film on the back of it which needs to be peeled off prior to use- once on the nail, simply press firmly into place and there you have it! Your nail is on. It really is as simple as that and not forgetting to mention how quick it is too!

Preparation is key, I was also able to find the most accurately sized nail to match too. I didn't think the sizing would be great because previous false nails I have used have been such a hit and miss but you can count on these packs to have such a good range of sizes.

Once I pressed the nails on, it definitely felt secure. There also was no mess with nail glue which is a huge plus for me, these pre glued nails held on for a good amount of time despite handling chores and a toddler. One nail did come off due to maybe my hands being in water whilst doing the dishes but you could glue it back on. I would recommend keeping a nail glue with you if you want even more long lasting results or if you are away/special occasions but having said that these have been the best so far in terms of longetivity.

Overall I really am impressed by Elegant Touch, I would hands down recommend these over any other stick on nails. There is just so much choice and you can choose from pastel pretty nails for a chic look or you can opt for a bold and fun look without any fuss and transform basic nails into fun colours and finishes within moments.

Prices range between £7.99 - £8.99* depending on the finish/style.

Have you tried Elegant Touch?

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter Review

I recently popped into The Body Shop because I needed an ultra moisturising lip balm and having tried many flavours/scents before, it was time to buy another lovely lip butter and this time I picked up the very fruity, strawberry scent.

Product description:
Instantly hydrate and soften your lips with this fruity lip butter. Full of sweetly scented strawberry seed oil it will keep you coming back for more. Nourishes & softens lips, gives lips a light, natural-looking sheen, leaves lips soft and smooth, delicious fruity scent and contains cold-pressed strawberry seed oil.

Meet the cutest little pot of balm ever! This travel friendly lip balm will be your handbag essential and definitely be your lip balm of choice.
The little pot sure is cute! The red coloured pot and strawberry sticker clearly states what it is and the pot is sturdy and easy to open.
Once you open it, you can smell the incredible aroma of sweet strawberries. The scent is spot on. It does not smell artificial or overpowering but a true smell of fresh strawberries that will instantly drift your mind into thinking it's summer again.
The balm has a lovely buttery like texture, hence the name - lip butter. It applies onto the lips really well and gives an instant moisture and hydration boost to my lips. The only thing with this lip butter is that it has a milky white colour so you either have to use a small amount and when you do use it, be sure to really spread it on the lips but having said that it can be used as a base prior to lipsticks and also for applying loads before bed so that you'll wake up with super soft lips, kind of like a lip mask.

This small pot means business and can last a very long time so it definitely fairly priced at being just under a fiver.

I love this lip butter and I definitely recommend this to everyone, there are so many lovely scents/flavours to choose from to!

Check it out here // link - £4.50

Have you tried any of The Body Shop lip butters?

Friday, 8 September 2017

Vintage Kellogg's // Mad Beauty

Making cosmetics fun! 👀❤
Featuring products from the Vintage Kellogg's range

Mad beauty is the leader in design led cosmetics for both the gift and professional sectors. The MAD Beauty designers work tirelessly to provide a wide range of novel , fun and interesting items whether you are buying for yourself, as a gift for a loved one. If you are a beauty professional or sell gifts then the experts at MAD Beauty will surely have something for you to offer to your customers.
There is such a huge and a very cute range to choose from, from gifts to stationery, they have it all! I was kindly sent quite a few things to try out and review, read on to see my thoughts on each of the items.

Matchbox emery board - 99p*
Aren't these the cutest nail files you've ever seen?! I absolutely love the retro packaging. It comes in three colours: pink,blue and yellow and these files are so travel-friendly too! I have kept one in my bag and one on my bed side table.

Lipbalm - £4.99*
Meet the cutest tin lipbalm that needs to be in your make-up bag! This comes in two flavours: Lemon & Mandarin and Vintage Rose. This zesty balm really does a good job at hydrating and moisturising my lips, again another great beauty product for on the go.

Soap set - £4.99*
This would make a lovely gift idea, in a pack you get two mini soaps, one Lemon & Mandarin scent and the other Tuberose & Jasmine. The soap foams up nicely to give sweetly scented bubbles. I definitely prefer floral scents so the Tuberose & Jasmine was my favourite out of the two.

As room as I received this, I immediately emptied my old make-up bag and put all of my current make-up faves into this very roomy bag. It's a good quality bag that can hold many things, also perfect for toiletries and travelling. The cute retro print really finishes off the bag.

Shopping list pad with pencil*
I already have this stuck on my fridge. This cute retro style shopping list pad sure makes writing lists fun! It come with a pastel pink pencil that you can easily attach when you are finished writing and the actual pad is magnetic so you can easily stick this onto your fridge and remember to write down those important items for your next food shop!

I absolutely loved the retro range at Mad Beauty, there is definitely something for everyone and the packaging is just! *insert heart eyed emoji here* You have got to check out the cute Kellogg's cereal lipbalms oh and the Pop Tart lipbalms!! It's all so pretty and I so need these now!

View all of the Vintage Kellogg's range here - link

What's your favourite item from the Vintage Kellogg's range?

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tokidoki Black Eyeliner Review


I am on a quest to find the perfect black liquid liner and I wanted to review this insanely cute Tokidoki eyeliner which I picked up from Primark not too long ago.

The packaging is CUTE! Definitely one of the reasons, I picked this up also seeing the long brush handle kind of gave me hope that it will help achieve easy cat flicks.

The actual black colour does have a good colour pay off but it seems to smudge and also run too 😞 When it comes to liner, the last thing you would want is the colour to be faint or for it to run. Another issue I had was with the actual nib. It was very hard to create a flick that I wanted. It was good at just lining the eyes but it did not have flexibility, like a brush to ensure an easy to do cat flick. I just either ended up with lined eyes or cat flicks that were just too thick! Which meant me having to repeat the whole process again.

I really wanted to like this eyeliner but it was a complete miss for me and so my journey continues to find the perfect liquid liner.

Do you have liner recommendations for me? Comment below your all time favourite liners because I need one ASAP!