Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter Review

I recently popped into The Body Shop because I needed an ultra moisturising lip balm and having tried many flavours/scents before, it was time to buy another lovely lip butter and this time I picked up the very fruity, strawberry scent.

Product description:
Instantly hydrate and soften your lips with this fruity lip butter. Full of sweetly scented strawberry seed oil it will keep you coming back for more. Nourishes & softens lips, gives lips a light, natural-looking sheen, leaves lips soft and smooth, delicious fruity scent and contains cold-pressed strawberry seed oil.

Meet the cutest little pot of balm ever! This travel friendly lip balm will be your handbag essential and definitely be your lip balm of choice.
The little pot sure is cute! The red coloured pot and strawberry sticker clearly states what it is and the pot is sturdy and easy to open.
Once you open it, you can smell the incredible aroma of sweet strawberries. The scent is spot on. It does not smell artificial or overpowering but a true smell of fresh strawberries that will instantly drift your mind into thinking it's summer again.
The balm has a lovely buttery like texture, hence the name - lip butter. It applies onto the lips really well and gives an instant moisture and hydration boost to my lips. The only thing with this lip butter is that it has a milky white colour so you either have to use a small amount and when you do use it, be sure to really spread it on the lips but having said that it can be used as a base prior to lipsticks and also for applying loads before bed so that you'll wake up with super soft lips, kind of like a lip mask.

This small pot means business and can last a very long time so it definitely fairly priced at being just under a fiver.

I love this lip butter and I definitely recommend this to everyone, there are so many lovely scents/flavours to choose from to!

Check it out here // link - £4.50

Have you tried any of The Body Shop lip butters?


  1. Ohhhh I'm after a new lip butter I may have to try this. I'm currently using the Nivea one and it's so greasy and messy I ACTUALLY managed to get some on my nose the other day!

    1. I haven't even tried the Nivea ones but I do remember the hype about them ^^ haha that's a first! I think you should opt for these lip butters instead <3 xx

  2. I used to use the body butters from the body shop, but I've never tried one of their lip butters! I've been using a basic chapstick for the past month, but I might pick up one of these ones for Winter when my lips get even more chapped!
    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. You definitely should lovely! <3 you'll have super soft lips throughout the colder months ^^ I love The Body Shop body butters! They're sooooo moisturising! Just like a skin drink <3 xx

  3. I think I tried this years ago so the packing has changed a little and I loved it. I actually haven't shopped in The Body Shop for years, as I have so much body care things, and I can't come up with a good enough excuse to buy more. - Aycan Little White Socks

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment Aycan <3 I can understand though because you would want to finish off the current body care bit that you have, maybe go on a little spree after you have used it all since the new vanilla pumpkin range sounds dreamy <3 xx


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