Monday, 8 January 2018

Meet Lush's Valentine's Day 2018 Collection

Top row L to R: Tisty Toasty bath bomb, Kiss Me Quick washcard and Tender is the Night Naked shower cream.
Middle row L to R: The Kiss lip scrub, Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon and Love Boat bath bomb.
Bottom row L to R: Heart of Enlightened Expectation bubble bar, Rose Bombshell bath bomb and Unicorn Horn bubble bar

Top row L to R: Tunnel of Love soap, Melt my Heart massage bar and The Kiss lipgloss
Middle row: Cherryish body scrub

I get so excited to see what Lush comes up with it on every seasonal holiday and now it's time for the Valentine's day range. I spotted the range on the website which is currently on sale pre release, there are some old favourites (slightly modified) and some newbies too!

Tisty Toasty bath bomb:
I love that this is pink for the Valentine's range! It will most definitely turn your bath water the most instagrammable shade of pink. This bath bomb contains woody orris root powder, rose absolute, Sicilian lemon oil, geranium, jasmine and real rose flower buds. £3.50 each
Kiss Me Quick washcard:
The new washcards are such an innovative release from Lush, I have no idea how to use these but you apparently scrub your body with it, I love the design of this particular one.
Scrub your body with this wash card made of apple pulp for a spicy clove and sweet mimosa scent. £2 each

Tender is the Night naked shower cream:
If you're trying to cut down on your plastic waste, Lush's Naked shower gels contain double the concentrate of liquid shower gels, so they will last you twice as long. With jasmine flower, ylang ylang, murumuru and shea butter you'll never want to reach for a plastic shower bottle again. £14.50 each

The Kiss lip scrub:
This pink sugar scrub is the cutest! It even contains lil edible hearts!! £5.95 each

Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon:
Lemongrass oil, rose absolute, organic shea butter and murumuru butter will make this the most hydrating bubble bath you've had in years. £4.75 each

Love Boat bath bomb:
Who said you can't use bath toys past the age of 25? This bath bomb is packed with organic sweet orange and Sicilian lemon oils to give you the happiest bath of your adult life. I cannot wait to buy this, my most favourite product out of the whole collection. £4.25 each

Heart of Enlightened Expectation bubble bar:
A bubble bar melt with ylang ylang and bergamot oil, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, geranium, jasmine and rose. Designed to brighten your mood and soften skin. £4.50 each

Rose Bombshell bath bomb:
This comes in two sizes! A giant version and a normal sized version. A bath bomb with hidden yellow rose petals inside. With rose oil and Sicilian lemon this bath bomb smells as good as it looks. I've used this one before and I definitely recommend it! Normal size £4.50 each and giant size £14.95 each!!

Unicorn Horn bubble bar:
The trend that refuses to die. This bubble bar is packed with neroli oil which apparently increases serotonin levels in the brain making you feel happier than a unicorn in spring. I am not liking the design of this though! I think it looked way better when it had stars and lilac, yellow, blue and pinks swirled together. £4.50 each

Tunnel of Love soap:
A citrus soap with lime and sweet orange oils to make washing yourself that bit more exciting. £5.94 each

Melt my Heart massage bar: 
Relax and unwind with this massage bar, it contains cypress oil, orange flower and cocoa butter bar as well as dried rose petals. £5.95 each

The Kiss lipgloss:
This conditioning lip gloss contains jojoba oil, shea butter and organic illipe butter to soothe those darn winter lips. Love the colour of this too! £6.50 each

Cherryish body scrub:
A solid exfoliating bar with organic cocoa butter and fine sea salt to banish even the worst lizard scale legs. Scented with chocolate and cherry...just try not to eat it. £7.95 each

What is your favourite product from the range?


  1. Oh wow I need all of their Valentines day collection! Proper excited to give their themed bath bombs a try, I loved their Christmas ones.

    Heather xox ||

    1. The love boat bath bomb is definitely one I want to try, I just love how cutely shaped it is <3 Yes their christmas ones are amazing! I love golden wonder and shoot for the stars xx

  2. Cherryish sounds amazing! I once had a sugar scrub from Lush and it seriously transformed my skin! Neeed it in my life!
    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    1. I've never tried any of their body scrubs but I have heard so much about it <3 I just never seem to go beyond the bath bomb section LOL xx


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