Monday, 26 March 2018

Etude House Kissful Lip Care Review


Etude House is one of my most favourite Korean beauty brands and I am currently ticking off products from my to buy list, one of the products that I needed to buy was this cute lip balm. Meet the Kissful Lip Care in strawberry.
The lipbalm is housed in a a very pretty dolly pink packaging with a vintage style sticker, this definitely looks like a product from the 90s but I am LOVING it!

I always opt for scented lipbalms and this one smells exactly like a strawberry lollipop, very sweet and perfect if you love sweeter scents. Surprisingly it also has a very slight tint so it gives your lips a perfect wash of pink making them look healthier and very doll like. The lip balm provides a good amount of hydration and it gives my lips that quick fix of moisturisation that I need. A perfect lip product for on the go and such a fun product to have in my collection.

There are many flavours available but I opted for this particular because... PINK 🙈💗💗 but you can opt for flavours like cherry and peach, which both sound so nice.

If you are looking to add another cute and fun lipbalm into your collection then definitely get this, this lip balm will give you a easy and quick dose of nourishment and hydration with the sweet scent of strawberries but if you are looking to treat your lips then this is something to steer clear from as this will not help dry or chapped lips.

Check it out here: link


  1. The packaging of this balm is so cute - I love it!

    Emma |

    1. I agree! It's something you don't see everyday <3 so unique <3

  2. Replies
    1. YES! <3 The whole brand is just so GORGEOUS and pink <3 xx


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