Sunday, 9 September 2018

Luxury Online Shopping With Harpak*

We all need a bit of luxury shopping here and there and I have found the place to go to for all your luxury and high end items. I was recently contacted by Harpak to work on this very special collaboration and I honestly love the idea behind this new website, Let me fill you in on all of the details!

Harpak Home Shopping LTD is a British online department store and they have this sparkling new website that sells a selection of high end items. From clothing to home ware, they have got it all in one handy little place. Products are updated weekly and new brands are added every month. Their aim is to help you find the best price and quality match the products too! 

Using the website was a breeze, all of the items are categorised well and with clear photos and swatches (make-up) I was able to choose my chosen items easily and quickly. The website itself is simple but straight to the point without any fancy fonts or colours. I personally love the design since it's not too fussy nor confusing. I particularly like the fact that there are so many brands/items to choose from in one place! I also like how they have added homeware and food and drink into the mix since that is very different and unique. I would recommend Harpak to all because it is innovative, it's easy to use and not forgetting to mention free shipping on all orders!!

I was given £50 off on my total order and since I love make-up I immediately browsed the cosmetics collection and there I found two YSL items that I just needed to get. This was one brand I had been meaning to buy for a very long time and I easily found two items that I know I am going to love! I went for the YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 53 Beige Promenade* and the YSL Volume Effet Faux Clis Mascara in Noir* Once I ordered my items I was given confirmation and the delivery was within 2-3 days which is not bad. The make-up items were packaged well in a black package and my shipping information was inside a gold envelope. Everything was presented well and I was really impressed.

Lastly Harpak produces a Throw Your Stone magazine which has been distributed online but due to amazing feedback they will now publish the magazine and it will be distributed in and around London to start off with! This magazine contains articles from contributors all around the world and the topics can include business, travel, culture and life. A magazine to inspire us all thanks to the unfiltered millennial perspective. I read the article 'Experience is everything' and it made me realise that we have so much beauty surrounding us that we don't even take a chance to look around and that without a mobile phone! Have a flick through here - link

What are your thoughts on Harpak?

The items* were gifted to me in exchange for a feature/review


  1. Such a cool concept! I will definitely have a look at the online magazine :)


    1. I know right?! ^^ I'm sure you will LOVE it! xx


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