Thursday, 25 April 2019

New In The Beauty Drawers #1

Hello pretty new series!! Other than sharing beauty and lifestyle reviews with you, I also want to share some of the new and recent beauty purchases and this feature is just that! I hope this will be an endless series and if you are nosy like me and love to see what other people buy then this series is perfect for you!

I bought these products a few months ago before flying out but I didn't get a chance to feature it on Bows and Pearls.
Luckily I took some photos before flying out..

Most of the products featured here are from Poundland, believe it or not! The Unicorn face sheet masks, pastel pink nail polish, L'Oreal topcoat glitter mascara, L'Oreal satin lip colour and the pink heart shaped bath bomb were all found in my local Poundland. Talk about finding hidden gems! The mini baby blue nail polish is from Primark and the Skinnydip lip kit is from Boots.

I have already used a few products and I really love the glitter topcoat mascara simply because I live for glittery make-up! There wasn't any other colours available but I quite liked this emerald green since it's quite striking. It's nice to find bath bombs too, Lush have ridiculously upped the prices on their bath bombs so I am definitely looking for alternatives. If you know of or love another company other than Lush, please let me know in the comments!
The pastel pretty unicorn face sheet masks caught my eye straight away and I picked up two! I will be reviewing these soon. So insta worthy too!
I still love lip kits and it's fun to try out different brands. The Skinnydip kit has an insane amount of pigmentation and the lip liner is great to wear on it's own or if you want to gently add colour to your lips.
You will definitely see these beauty products on the blog in the upcoming weeks, so many cute things to review. if you have a particular item that you are interested in the most then please let me know so I can review that first <3

Hope you enjoyed this post from the new series, stay tuned for the second instalment!


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