Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Harrison's Bakery Ice Cream Sugar Cookies Review

This truly was a party in a box! There's iced biscuits and then there's iced biscuits from Harrison's bakery... these guys seriously know how to make their biscuits, brownies, chocolate slabs, fudge and chocolate lollies so instagrammable and oh so eye catching!

I was sent two of their handmade iced treats to try and let's just say it didn't last very long! I made sure to have a cup of tea at hand so that I could really relax and enjoy these.

Harrison's bakery make an array of different biscuits that are tailor made just for you. So many designs to choose from and themes too! You can even get the biscuit to be personalized so that the receiving end feels that extra bit special.
Harrison's bakery ensures the freshest of ingredients are used, the biscuits are baked very often so the quality and taste is kept at it's best.

Sugar craft at it's finest.
The biscuits came packaged in a small box that was lined with bubble wrap so whilst the product is being delivered there won't be any disappointing breakages. The biscuit came wrapped and sealed so that the freshness is kept inside until it is devoured eaten. To finish off the lovely package, there was some lovely confetti inside the box too!

The biscuits are so beautifully made and decorated, hats off to this family-run business.
Taste wise it is very scrummy! you can really taste the vanilla and golden syrup and you can most certainly detect the fresh ingredients too. When you take that first bite, it truly is sensational! The biscuit base is soft and moist whilst the royal icing is hard and has a crunch to it. Together the textures go really well together and well, I could happily finish a whole box because it really is that good!! It is not too sweet so this can be enjoyed in copious amounts.

These are priced really well because other iced biscuit companies charge a huge amount and even though it's not expensive it's so worth it because they're more like small masterpieces and you are paying for the quality,love and effort that has gone into the biscuits, these biscuits will also make great party favours or as a small gift for your loved ones.

A fantastic company, quick delivery, fresh ingredients & biscuits that are made to the highest of qualities.

Check out Harrison's bakery here >> Link

Have you tried anything from Harrison's bakery before? 

This post contains samples, all view are my own and a huge thank you to Harrison's bakery for working on this collaboration!


  1. Those biscuits look so cute! I would love to eat something that is this pretty!

    1. Talk about being insta-worthy! This bakery definitely knows how to make cute edible treats <3 xx


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