Wednesday, 28 August 2019

90s Lovin'

Boy do I miss the 90s! The gimmicky toys to the novelty style packaging. I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and talk about what I love and missed the most about the 90s.

Easy make-up
Think peel off nail polish and roll on lipglosses that smelt so ever so fruity! I remember loving a shop called Girl Heaven that used to sell the cutest lil bottles of peel off nail polishes in bowls that you could actually buy like pick and mix sweets! Also remember those pastel coloured eyeshadow palettes that used to come with a smell of plastic, I miss those! When I used to receive this I would feel on top of this world because this was when I first used to start experimenting with colours, monday would be a lilac look with glitter on the top and friday, possibly a duck egg blue look complete with fuchsia pink lips... I also really miss the glitter babes collection from Boots and I was like obsessed! Particularly with the sweet berry scent, bring this back!!!

Plastic jewellery
Remember those bracelets that were transparent and had glitter running through them? or those pastel coloured jewellery sets that you would play with for hours on end? We saw the return of chokers and I was so happy to see it back! I remember having a purple and a black one that had a matching bracelet and ring with it. I did of course purchase a choker but a more updated version, with lace and gems. 

Stick on earrings
Ahh man I would forever buy these and just keep them because they were so pleasing to look at. I have seen some stick on earrings in Accessorize but they are so ridiculously overpriced! I had loads of pastel coloured one and bright holographic ones. Which one did you have?

Polly Pocket
You cannot beat the classic Polly Pocket. Polly pocket now seems so glamourised and it's not even a small compact anymore! The pastel compacts were so aesthetically perfect. I had so many favourites but my most favourite was the one with the two cats, I believe it was pastel pink heart shaped. Another one I remember playing with alot was the arabian princess inspired one that had hot pink decor and a gem on the compact. Luckily I have still got the pets one. It looks amazing on my dresser. What was your favourite Polly Pocket?

Cereal box surprises
OK this seriously needs to come back. I swear every food product had some sort of hidden surprise. Even crisps had collectable pogos or pringles boxes! Ugh! I remember collecting stamp markers from a box of Weetos cereal and I believe I nearly had the whole collection! I remember finding a super pink pringles box and showing it to all of my friends, haha!

Magazine subscriptions and quirky stationery
The one that really changed my childhood and I think everyone's was Sabrina Secrets! I made sure I put my name down to collect a issue every fortnight with my local newsagent. I remember being so mesmerised by the first issue. I still remember that dark purple box and that silver nail art pen.
I also remember those magic markers you know the ones that change colour by using a white marker. I have spotted a pack in Poundland and I am so going to buy one ^^

Hope you enjoyed reading this 90s themed post, what did you love the most about the 90s? Comment below <3


  1. I love this! I remember when cereal used to have surprises half way down the box, me and my brother used to always fight over who got it haha! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Yes to all of this! This was such a trip down memory lane! I miss that plastic-y smell that used to come with Barbies and so many other toys, and frankly just anything geared towards little girls, haha. And I LOVED Polly Pockets! And not going to lie, I still use Bonne Bell lip smackers. They're still so fun and cheap compared to other lip balms! This was such a fun post!!

    Emily |

  3. Aw, I loved Sabrina's Secrets magazine! I had no idea they stopped putting you surprises in "kids" cereal, but it has been ages since I bought any. That's such a shame. :-( Thanks for the nostalgia trip.


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