Monday, 14 October 2019

Pixi Vitamin C Range*

Just when you thought Pixi Beauty couldn't get any more amazing, a new skincare sub range appears and then the next minute you start adding these products into your wishlist... I have always opted for skin brightening products and the new vitamin C range is definitely up my street!

This cute tub of products arrived at my doorstep a few months ago and I have nearly incorporated all of the products into my routine. I really wanted to use it religiously before reporting back and I am obsessed with this range, like crazy.

I am a huge skincare junkie and I love trying out new products. I am a huge fan of the infamous Pixi glow tonic and I truly was excited to see the vitamin C version. Vitamin C is much loved and known for being a potent antioxidant which can neutralise free radicals whilst aiding with the natural regeneration process. It also brightens the skin to reveal a more radiant and healthy complexion. The range smells so fresh and zesty, perfect to perk up your morning routine.

I was sent five products: Vitamin C Juice Cleanser*, Vitamin C Tonic*, Vitamin C Lotion*, Vitamin C Serum* and a Vitamin C Caviar Balm* 
Here's all of the important information you need to know about each of the products!

Vitamin C Juice Cleanser £18*
One of my favourites from the range. This skin brightening cleanser. This product is a no rinse so just like a micellar water you use this and leave it on the skin. I just love how all of type products go hand in hand to make it the ultimate skin brightening routine. The clever pumping mechanism allows enough cleanser to be pumped out without any wastage. One cotton wool pad is enough and I use around 2-3 pumps daily in the morning.

Vitamin C Tonic £10*
This glow tonic doesn't contain Glycolic acid like the original tonic but it promises to gently exfoliate and fortify the skin barriers. I have noticed a difference to my skin pigmentation and I really enjoy using this after the cleanser. This tonic contains probiotics and also promotes healthy collagen production. I know my skin will really improve with continued usage. 

Vitamin C Lotion £24*
This lotion gradually boosts and brightens the complexion making it a must for your routine. This makes a great base before applying make-up and well, it really does give you that dewy healthy look, perfect for when your skin is looking dull, tired or when you need a pick me up on those ill/tired days. Using this my skin looks happier and I definitely reach out for this daily.

Vitamin C Serum £26*
The most expensive item out of the whole range. A brightening and antioxidant serum which provides a boost of immediate and long-term radiance. It’s blend of vitamin C and ferulic acid have a proven ability to reduce the effects of sun damage and free radicals. This works to help improve the skin tone creating a smoother appearance. This really does work and if my skin really needs some TLC then I reach out for this, this is a glow in a bottle that needs to be tried out by everyone!

Vitamin C Caviar Balm £24*
This encapsulated leave on mask is by far my most favourite product out of the five simply because it actually works. Sometimes I don't have time to put on a mask and rinse it off so this eliminates the fact that you have to wait around for the mask to do it's thing. This is the first time I have ever used a leave on mask and I love it! It melts onto the skin beautifully and I love the mask works it's magic whilst I catch some zs. it really smells like lemon curd and something I really look forward to using before bed. A definite recommendation from me.

After trying all of the products out for a while, I have found that three particular products really suit me and my skin type and I feel that I will continue to use these three for a very long time because I have seen such a difference! The three heroic products that I really loved was the Caviar Balm, Cleanser and Lotion. If I was to pick only one then it would definitely be the Caviar Balm, hands down!
Alot of the range is Vegan and it is entirely 100% cruelty free so that's commendable too! It's simply a brand that just keeps on giving! Skincare that really works.

Have you tried anything from the Vitamin C range?

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