Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Mini Bath And Body Works Haul

I think I can speak for the whole of the UK and say that we NEED a Bath and Body Works store here asap! I used to buy my hand sanitisers from ebay at around £3 - £4 but nothing beats buying the products from the actual store.

I went to Dubai in June so I knew I had to visit in store and see everything. I immediately had heart eyes, I wanted it all! From the body lotions to the candles. Everything was so aesthetically pleasing.

It was hard to pick some treats but I left with three pink items that I really LOVE! A hand cream, hand sanitiser and a hand sanitiser holder (a total necessity).

Rose Quartz Hand Cream

I had just ran out of hand cream and it was something I definitely needed to pick up. It was so hard to choose! The hand creams were displayed beautifully and organised by colour. I must of smelt atleast 6 but this one really caught my eye. First of all it's my favourite colour and it's rose scented! Luckily there was a tester and when I tried this, I was blown away by the amazing rose scent. The hand cream itself is such a delight to use, it doesn't feel greasy at all and it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly so you're not waiting around or fanning your hands frantically ^^ and the scent was simply beautiful, it smelt like a rose garden on a hot summer's day. It instantly boosts your mood and my hands felt so moisturised and hydrated. Perfect size for on the go too!

Strawberry Hand Sanitiser and pink unicorn Hand Sanitiser Holder

How can you go to Bath and Body Works and not buy a hand sanitiser. Just like the hand creams, there was a HUGE variety.. again I spent ages circling the area thinking which one to buy. The problem was that I wasn't able to test any since there wasn't any testers so I chose a fool proof scent - Strawberry. I couldn't leave the store without buying a holder, crazy as that sounds, I thought it would look so cute hanging on my handbag. It was pretty self explanatory to pick a pink one and I have been using it ever since!

What are your favourite scents/collections from Bath and Body Works?

Let's just hope that this comes to the UK soon!


  1. I completely agree that we should have them come to the UK! My auntie lives in the US and was kind enough to give me some of their lavender hand sanitizer. It smells lovely, and I'll definitely be buying more when I go over there next year.
    Kim x chimmyville.co.uk

    1. Ahh I don't even know why we don't have it yet!! :( hope soon though! Aww that sounds lovely and yes do stock up! xx


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