Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Alex Steinherr X Primark Skincare Collaboration

I would definitely call this a collaboration of the century! Alex Steinherr is the director behind the ever popular magazine, Glamour (my favourite!) and after finding out on her social media that she is releasing a 20 piece skincare collection with Primark I was all heart eyes! I had a good read and I decided that I needed a good range to try out, so I went and bought six products that I really wanted to try first. The plump and glow and sleep spa are my most favourite collections out of the whole lot.

After trialling all of the products for a very long time I can finally say that some of the products really worked for me and my skin type. I will definitely go to repurchase a few.

Here are all of the available products in their categories:

Pollution Solution
City Mask (£3), Daily Skin Starter Primer (£5), Oil-Free Gel Hydrator (£5), Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads (£5)

Sleep Spa
One Step Night Cleanse (£5), Sleeping Face Mask (£5), Overnight Lip Mask (£4), Every Night Eye Mask (£4)

Plump & Glow
Facial In A Stick (£5), Serum In Cream Moisturiser (£5), Power Facial Mask (£3), Plumping Lip Gloss (£5)

Pore Balance
Low pH Sulfate-Free Cleanser (£4), Anti-Blackhead stick (£5), Blemish Rescue Stickers (£3), Super Detox Clay Mousse Mask (£5)

Maximum Moisture
Micellar Cleansing Gel (£5), Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturiser (£5), Supreme Sheet Mask (£4), Hydration On-The-Go (£4)

I bought a range of six products but I only chose from three ranges: plump and glow, sleep spa and maximum moisture. I have finished all of the products and I honestly enjoyed using it all. What I love is that the entire collection is under five pounds!!
I remember when this first launched, there was so much hype and when I went to Primark the first time, half of the products were gone and My mom had to keep some products for me. Now that the hype has gone you can easily find what you are looking for. I just wish that Primark had online shopping available as it would be easier to pick the products up.

I picked up the following: Overnight lip mask, every night eye mask, plumping lip gloss, facial in a stick,serum in cream moisturiser and the hydration on the go.
If I had to pick the ones that I would probably repurchase then I would go for the overnight lip mask, every night eye mask, serum in cream moisturiser and hydration on the go. Not bad I would say, four out of six products really suited my skin type and was easily included in my daily go to.

The serum in cream moisturiser was such a lovely product! I was applying this everyday before doing my make-up and it just made my skin feel and look healthy and dewy. It seriously felt like skin food, didn't feel greasy at all and it was the perfect product to prep my face before make-up. Next up, the every night eye mask. This was great at adding hydration around my eyes and I loved that you didn't have to remove this like any other mask. I would still rather use an eye cream daily and keep this on the side and use it often than daily. Still a good essential to have. The overnight lip mask really was a star product because it kept my lips nourished, hydrated and it had a lovely wash of pink. This really stayed put all night and once I would get up I would simply remove it with a make-up remover. This stuff was definitely better than vaseline!!! and lastly hydration on the go is the type of product that is great for travelling and literally on the go as it suggests. A great way to easily add hydration to the skin throughout the day or when your skin starts to feel dry. I usually get dryness around my nose or on my nose so this was really helping me.

Which products have you tried or loved? I would love to know!

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