Wednesday, 28 October 2020

October 2020 Beauty and Food Haul

Spontanious shopping trips are always the best and I recently picked up some new bits, make-up and sweet treats which are both of my most favourite things.
I wanted to stop by at Hema because it has been way too long and I kinda saw some things on their instagram that I wanted to try and then my next priority was to stop by at Krispy Kreme because they have released some limited edition and super cute Halloween doughnuts! *Heart eyes* Oh yeah and then I visited the most instagrammable dessert parlour - Haute Dolci and I bought a box of their macarons.

You get six macarons for £8 which I think is a pretty good deal, also how cute is the pastel pink box. Macarons are so addictive and I definitely recommend it! I chose the flavours: Coconut, Raspberry, Strawberries and Cream, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut and Strawberry and Chocolate.

How cute are these guys?! I so wish that these were available all year round! I always try to  buy the limited edition ones since they are so extra! Haha. My favourite ones out of the three were Frankie (the green one) and Wolfie (the brown one). Have you tried this year's collection? let me know in the comments I would love to know!

Lastly, I wanted to visit Hema to check out their stationery, halloween section and most importantly the make-up!
Now I didn't know Hema launched their own makeup line called BAE and I was amazed at how pretty it all looked. It really reminded me of Glossier products too! The white and baby pink colours and minimalistic packaging. I have tried Glossier products before and I loved it all so it will be interesting to see how these perform. I also picked up a new handcream for my purse and a new lipgloss which was reduced! I love the colour of it and that it's in a tube form.

Reviews of these products will be posted soon.

So here was my little haul! Have you been to Hema before?

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