Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Debenhams Beauty Club | Free Dior Samples

Hello lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Hope your 2021 is going well so far and hope you all stay safe! Here's some fresh new beauty content that I wanted to share with you all ok so if you are from the UK you will know that one of our biggest department stores has gone into administration and will be gone forever!

Debenhams has always been one of my favourite places to shop, whether it be clothes or make-up. I would always spend hours browsing, trying and swatching products. I have attended two beauty events in the past and I have had my brows done by the lovely girls at the Benefit counter. The place became so familiar to me and I knew where to go to buy a certain thing. Not only are all the stores closing but the online website will be gone soon too. Everything's on clearance so it's a great opportunity to grab a bargain.

So not only was Debenhams a great place to shop at but it also had something called Debenhams beauty club. The club enabled you to collect points to spend in store and alot of monthly beauty freebies that you had to go and collect in store. The samples were always so generous and from so many big names. From Kat Von D to Chanel. I made sure to try and get them all since it's always nice to try something before committing to a full sized product. In December, Debenhams gave out a very last sample box from Dior and it was kind of like a last gift you could say.

The sleek Dior pouch contained four samples. Two were perfume samples and the other two, mini beauty samples. A small firming face cream, a new mascara. A feminine perfume called J'adore and Sauvage a very popular perfume for men.

I am particularly loving the mascara, I have been using it often since I received it and I love how it separates and elongates each lash. This is more of a lengthening mascara then a volumizing one. I used the face cream a few times, it has a lovely fresh scent and it doesn't feel greasy at all. Something perfect to try if you are in your mid to late 20s. 

Did you pick this up from Debenhams and what are you going to miss the most about Debenhams?


  1. I am so sad that Debenhams is shutting. Like you I have so many great memories there. It's the only department store in my city, so it's where I always went for makeup shopping. These bits look so good, love a sample xx

    Hannah |

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment Hannah <3 Ahh it's such a shame. Atleast we have some memories though.


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